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-Don't post unless you're posting icons. Comments can be made to anyone you wish to thank for icons.
-This community isn't limited the 100 x 100 icons we use in our journals. You can post mood theme icons and such as well!
-Do not insult people for their icons or cause drama.
-If posting more than 3 icons please <lj-cut> the rest.


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Icon Sharing Community
famira: (08)
[personal profile] famira
185x textless icons from The Hunger Games (Batch A - there will be two batches).


(Rest of the icons this way)
famira: (01)
[personal profile] famira
175x textless icons from Hunger Games: Catching Fire (PART 2 of 2 icon posts).


(Rest of the icons this way)
spud66cat: (Star Trek tmp-Spock)
[personal profile] spud66cat
16 Stargate Atlantis
2 Stargate SG1
1 Star Trek: The Motion Picture
5 Star Trek into Darkness
9 Doctor Who
4 The X-Files
6 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
7 The Legend of Korra

More here @ [community profile] big_blue_bin
spud66cat: (THG-Katniss)
[personal profile] spud66cat
15 Harry Potter
7 The Hunger Games
7 Indiana Jones
3 Bones
1 Once Upon a Time
2 That 70s Show
1 Gilmore Girls
1 Wolverine
2 Monsters Inc.
14 Legend of Korra
1 South Park
1 Family Guy
1 Futurama
3 text only

More here @ [community profile] big_blue_bin
spud66cat: (THG-Katniss-BW)
[personal profile] spud66cat
7 Haven
5 The Good Wife
7 Fringe
11 Once Upon A Time
3 Downton Abbey
3 Farscape
2 Doctor Who
3 Dead Like Me
1 The Tudors
2 Adventure Time
1 Star Trek: Voyager
3 Emma Watson
1 The Hunger Games
1 The Last of the Mohicans
1 Prince Caspian
5 Garfield

More here @ [community profile] big_blue_bin
spud66cat: (HP-Dobby)
[personal profile] spud66cat
7 Battlestar Galactica
8 Star Wars
21 Doctor Who
21 The Hunger Games
24 Harry Potter

More here @ [community profile] big_blue_bin


Mar. 6th, 2012 11:48 am
ex_ena753: (Default)
[personal profile] ex_ena753

The Lord of the Rings [1 x Galadriel, 1 x Galadiel and Celeborn, 2 x Aragorn]
The Hunger Games [12 x Haymitch Abernathy]

All icons right over here!
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